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21: Show with Ice Jet at Church of Holy Colors
22: Show with Bear at Church of Holy Dentist Chairs


13: Cello recital with Peter Levitov at Thomas Center
18: Waxing Moon concert at CMC with Orphan Town (Tentative)
24: Zen meditation retreat with Richard Schrobe (Tentative)
30: Contradance at the CMC with Fiona Bas


2: Show with ...Y Los Dos Pistoles at The Bricks in Ybor City
7: Music for Shands Health Event with Peter Levitov
11, 12, 14: Performance and musical direction for The Vagina Monologues at The Hippodrome Theater


If any part of you was shaped by video games or video game culture, especially classic RPGs, you have to listen to this soundtrack:

Feeling good today. Get to go see Dan Deacon play live with Hear Hums opening!

Sat with two good sitting buddies this morning and that set a very positive tone for my day.

Committed to rebuilding a bass rig. Expecting a Markbass TTE 500. Picked up a vintage Peavey 115 bass cab today. Playing with Ice Jet has been fun but it will be more fun when the bass starts bumpin' a bit more. I'm also flirting with the idea of starting up a one-off noise/sludge band named "Doomed to Live".

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