John David Eriksen (jkndrkn) wrote,
John David Eriksen

Strange Loop 2013

My favorite talk at Strange Loop so far was by Jen Myers. She spoke of her personal story of working to figure out how to interface with the white-male-dominated software industry while being a single mother and then helping other women get into tech via Girl Develop It, public speaking engagements, online activism, and other activities:

Technology has a huge impact on all of our lives. It's vitally important that diversity be improved within the tech field so that the technological web that we build around us really meets all of our needs as best as possible. Also, the human story of individuals learning and struggling not just as technologists but also as people needs to be greatly emphasized. To paraphrase Jen, there is a culture of giving people a pass on other personality qualities just because they are smart. I believe that you become the best you can be not by hyper-specializing and isolating yourself within your discipline, but by allowing yourself to grow in multiple directions and in multiple ways.
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