John David Eriksen (jkndrkn) wrote,
John David Eriksen


I will start writing more, but I will be migrating off of Livejournal to a new site. Likely I will hand-code it myself as a programming exercise. I may continue posting private entries here.

The topics I want to cover are, in no specific order:

  • My personal relationship with music. A chronology of teachers, orchestras, bands, and solo projects.

  • My views on consumerism and minimalist lifestyles.

  • Sexuality. Especially addictive relationships to pornography.

  • My own spiritual journey. From Catholicism to Atheism to Zen Buddhism.

  • Why I don't eat meat.

  • My career path. From early interest in art and sciences to my present life as a software engineer.

  • Meditation. How I've gained by it, and how I've realized I could have used it more skillfully.

  • My experiences in becoming a part of Zen Buddhist culture including personal accounts of retreats and meetings with teachers.

  • How to cope with the end of a relationship. Including my own experiences of a mutual breakup and being broken up with due to issues I was responsible for.

  • Healthy and unhealthy coping mechanisms and how to tell the difference.

Tags: buddhism, consumerism, meditation, minimalism, music, porn, sex, vegetarianism, zen
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