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Music Update / Life Update

Currently Active in Three Groups

Fiona Bas / The Improper Contraband
It's been about two years with this crew so far. Have shared some really magical moments with these guys. Midnight contradances stopped by cops, jamming on a beautiful lake at dusk, playing at sunset overlooking gently rolling hills, playing for colorful and grateful and joyful dancers.

Wax Wings
It will be about a year with this post-Dirty Fist! band now. I've stretched as a soloist with this group and I still feel that there is room to grow musically here. Very grateful for being able to join my bow to the primal and beautiful voice and heart of the courageous and passionate Chelsea C.

This band is still young but is proving to be one of the best fits for me musically of any band I have played cello in. It's so lovely to be able to support and cradle two fierce and sensitive fiddlers and the music we play connects me to passion and wildness in a way I haven't felt in a long time

Currently Active In One Life

I'll be taking a sabbatical from working this summer. Making the decision has been really scary but I have the support of my parents and my employer. And talking to a few people that have made this transition has been helpful to me. The plan is to put lots of time into the above groups but also to finish up my solo album. I'll do some volunteering at a CSA for groceries and maybe I'll be able to do some paid gigs including a possible commission via UF to do some original music for a dance piece. I'll want to do a bit of volunteering, as well. And also to finally learn how to lead Kwan Um Zen chant practice instead of relying on recordings. At least one band tour will happen this summer. A big hike will happen, too.

I've started exploring a sweet romantic connection with a sweet bow-friend. Emotionally I've been (way) up and (way) down during the unfolding of this process, but right now I feel pretty good about where things stand. It's felt so good to be able to work out a bunch of past relationship stuff along the way. Airing out the emotional attic and clearing a few webs. And holding space for my sweet friend do the same. Have been having a series of incredibly lovely days and evenings lately -- hours of music interleaved with food and Firefly and chatting and epic snuggles.

Life has been incredibly rich lately and I'm so very grateful.
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