John David Eriksen (jkndrkn) wrote,
John David Eriksen


Have been able to catch myself profoundly enjoying a moment while also noticing a quality of pre-nostalgia that pulls me out of the moment slightly. This, right now, is heaven! But there is no way I can hang on to this feeling.

This cuddle on a slightly moist papasan chair. This bowed open G string on a porch overlooking lake wauburg. This first taste of enchilada sauce. This violin bow I caught between my toes. This fierce musical friend plotting a dance weekend two years into the future. This sweet gentle musical couple sharing once cell phone. This other sweet friend singing over his old Gibson a week or two before leaving town for a long while. This complex and strange and sweet and interesting and brave and independent and cute and confusing and fuzzy and irresistible and wise and talented and frustrating and beautiful person I've had the amazing fortune of coming across.


I'm exchanging emails with the really friendly and responsive staff of Crisol de Cuerda. I'm going to stay after, I think, and visit Bilbao. And maybe hike for a few days along the coast.

Next week I stop working for a while. And head to Asheville with my brother with whom I share so much physical and spiritual DNA. And with improvising musical kinfolk. And I don't know exactly how it will all unfold or if I'll be comfortable or if we will be safe on our hikes. But it will be great.
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