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John David Eriksen
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My name is John David Eriksen.

I am a person deeply interested in the things that really matter.

I also write software for a living and dedicate a great part of my free time to music.

ΔΔΔ, μ, /b/, ali farka toure, arcade fire, assembly, autechre, bad guitar tone, bass, bathiki kumalo, beings, belching black smoke, boards of canada, bodily secretions, boredoms, brian chippendale, brian gibson, buddhism, burning nylon, campfire smells, cats, celero, claude debussy, cocteau twins, common moorhen, concrete poetry, cute animals, cycling, cygwin, debian, default edge, delicious food, desert blues, digital design, electronica, emacs, erlang, fantasy, faraquet, fatty acids, feminism, floor, fugazi, gnu screen, grizzly bear, guitar, guitar mods, haruki murakami, high school punk bands, iron and wine, isabelle allende, isis, jandek, jar of jell§y, jettison fading, joel spolsky, joni mitchell, jquery, junior senior, kalyi jag, kettlebells, keyboards, lady sovereign, lightning bolt, linux, lisp, load records, madlib, masami akita, maso yamazaki, maurice ravel, meditation, metaprogramming, misled, modern composers, moose-jaw, muslimgauze, nar shadda, natural light, nick drake, particle accelerators, percussion, philip glass, pointless zealotry, publices, rands, repetitive strain injury, ricardo villalobos, rites of spring, ruby, sadiya, sander travisano, science fiction, science trivia, sea hares, small cats, social awkwardness, sonic youth, spinach and broccoli salad, squarepusher, stroke-a-mole, strong breezes, superhappyfunamericantvfamilydeathchallenge, tasteful basslines, tea and oatmeal, terakaft, terror bird, the dismemberment plan, the dukes of hillsborough, the impossible shoelace, the knife, the lymphatic system, the viirus, tim & terry's, tim hecker, tinariwen, tiny hawks, tom waits, trial by torment, ubuntu linux, ursula k. le guin, usa is a monster, vhdl, vigorous exercise, vim, william gibson, wishbass, yoga

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